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Ticket Spicket and ODAC Partner Up

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

ROANOKE — A newly formed partnership between the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) and a Virginia-based startup will give sports fans the chance to buy digital tickets to Division III events this fall.

Co-Founder and CEO, Russell Hertzberg

Ticket Spicket, one of six companies participating in the 2019 Regional Acceleration and Mentoring Program (RAMP) cohort, will be the official ticketing partner for any championship events hosted through ODAC.The company, launched four years ago, provides tools that allow clients to increase ticket sales, enhance audience engagements, and create opportunities for new revenue. In the past, the company has largely worked with high schools and districts, serving digital ticketing options to educational institutions and athletic associations in more than 35 states. However, the newly formed partnership with ODAC will allow the company to expand further and acquire new customers beyond the high school market, said co-founder & CEO Russell Hertzberg.

“We have partnered with a wide variety of organizations and athletic associations, but as of today the majority of our customers are high schools,” Hertzberg said. “This partnership with the ODAC will introduce us to the next level of athletic conferences within the NCAA, and help establish Ticket Spicket within the market as well.”

Hertzberg said that the partnership between Ticket Spicket and ODAC came about, in part, because the Division III conference was looking for a way to provide digital ticketing options to its fans and clients. Through Ticket Spicket, ODAC fans will be able to purchase tickets to championship events on their smartphones. They will also be able to use their phones to validate the tickets they have purchased, and to buy digital parking passes that can be used at the event.

The startup’s local ties are an added bonus for ODAC, which is composed almost entirely of Virginia schools. ODAC’s headquarters is located in Lynchburg, but members of its leadership often conduct business in Salem. The close proximity of ODAC’s leadership to Ticket Spicket’s operations will allow the two organizations to stay closely aligned during the three-year initial contract.

“The ability for us to have a personal relationship — and to be in close proximity to one another — is helpful,” Hertzberg said. “They know that they can drop by our office and get together with us at any time.”

Since its founding in 2016, Ticket Spicket has experienced exponential growth in terms of the number of clients it partners with, as well as the kind of services it offers. In the time that Ticket Spicket has been operating, Hertzberg said the company has retained nearly 100 percent of its clients. The company hopes to continue expanding its reach and usability, for both high school and collegiate clients, in the near future.

“The schools themselves love it because Ticket Spicket makes it easier for their fans to get access to the events,” Hertzberg said. “Not only the ability to purchase tickets ahead of time and skip the line at the game, but fans can also pay for these events without having any cash in their pocket.”

In addition to his excitement over the new professional partnership, Hertzberg said that he’s also looking forward to working with the ODAC for personal reasons.

“I'm a Roanoke College graduate, and my daughter is going to Washington & Lee and running track there,” Hertzberg said. “It's a conference that I've been a part of for the better part of 25 years.”

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