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RAMP UPdate: Flewid Capital

If you have ever had the privilege of spending a moment with Elizabeth Jose of Flewid Capital, you know what an honor it is. Elizabeth has a natural drive for entrepreneurship, is passionate about her company, and gives one hundred percent of her efforts to make sure that her time in the RAMP-in-Residence program brings her company success.

During her time at RAMP, Elizabeth began the process of developing a deeper understanding of Flewid’s customer base. As her time in the program has reached an end, her customer base has continued to grow and solidify. She is currently working with developers to create the Flewid Capital app, which she believes will be a game changer for global currency exchange. For Elizabeth, success at this stage of the process would come in the form of launching a fully developed and functioning app and collecting data to continue to perfect her product.

Elizabeth states that the RAMP-in-Residence program not only helped her with the establishment of a customer base but also provided a variety of networking opportunities. The customer discovery course with Lisa Garcia and Mike Abbott was also a highlight of her time at RAMP. She notes that this course helped her to narrow down her target audience by starting over with updated customer discovery exercises. It is through this practice that she began to understand that narrowing the focus of her market could allow her to provide a product that would work better for individuals across a broader audience.

While a member of the 2018 Cohort Elizabeth states that she was among thought leaders who had her best interest at heart.  As she begins to transition away from the RAMP-in-Residence program, she believes that her biggest challenge will be losing the day-to-day connections with the individuals that have impacted her during her time at RAMP. She mentions Mary Miller and Robert McAden as having been essential influences over the course of the program, and for that, she is truly grateful. Another influential person that she will keep in contact with after her departure from RAMP is her mentor, whom she still meets with when their travel schedules align.

Elizabeth certainly did not waste any of the resources provided to her over her time in the 2018 RAMP Cohort. She encourages those interested in applying to the RAMP-in-Residence program to take advantage of the network pool early on. She would also urge future cohort members to put more time and effort into the program in every area that they can. The adage you get out what you put in is true in the case of Elizabeth and Flewid Capital. We can look forward to hearing more great things from Elizabeth and her company in the future!

About the Company

Flewid Capital is using traditional and blockchain technology to create a global payment platform that will initially be marketed to immigrants, including international students, and some short-term travelers from South and Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Further, the system does not require a constant internet connection and uses a default trading unit that has value based on a unique algorithm that mitigates the risk of sudden loss or gains in value due to shifts in the economy or demand.

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