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RAMP UPdate: Chorda Pharma

Rick Carliss, of Chorda Pharma, began his journey with RAMP this time last year. Though the application process began earlier in 2018, interviews were not held until late in April. As our previous cohort members will likely tell you, applying to the program is a long and rewarding process, the result being a diverse and well-balanced cohort.

The first thing we wanted to find out, during our time with Rick, is what has been happening around Chorda Pharma since graduating from RAMP-in-Residence in January. Rick and his team are currently working to obtain a provisional patent for their product as well as additional investments. For the current stage of their work, VC and AI grants are what they are after. When asked what success for their company would look like at this stage, Rick responded that they need those critical investments in order to get their product on the shelves. He believes that Chorda Pharma already has a high-value product and that it is just a matter of receiving the funds to push it out to the consumer.

As for their time in the RAMP-in-Residence program, networking proved to be most beneficial for Rick and the Chorda Pharma team. The residential program provides various opportunities for cohort members to network with thought-leaders that they would not otherwise have access to. Not only does the accelerator provide elite mentors and cohort-centric events, but various influential guests meet with the cohort members directly in the Gill Memorial building where the program is housed.

When asked what he would say to those considering applying to the RAMP-in-Residence program, Rick shared that he believes that this program is beneficial for all, especially for high-tech start-up companies. Are you a STEM-H entrepreneur with a business idea or start-up who is looking for more insight, but not ready for our residential program? Consider attending one of our Pitch & Polish clinics where our regional experts can provide helpful feedback on your business model and connect you with the resources to help you grow. Visit for more information.

About the Company

Chorda Pharma is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development of novel analgesic medications. Chorda Pharma is currently working with a team of experts to launch its first product into the U.S. over-the-counter pain management pharmaceutical market, with a topical medication designed for the treatment of pain due to osteoarthritis.

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