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RAMP UPdate: Autonomous Flight Technologies, Inc.

It is time to catch up with our drone guys! Autonomous Flight Technologies, Inc. (AFT) received much attention from the start of their tenure in the RAMP-in-Residence program. Upon moving into the Gill Memorial building they set up their office (drones included) which drew guests in and allowed them the opportunity to share their story. The team continued to work with clients during their time in the inaugural cohort and found that their business model was unique within their field.

This week we caught up with Josh May, of AFT to find out more about life after RAMP-in-Residence and his takeaways from the program. Since graduating, AFT has completed renovations on their space in downtown Salem and returned to their headquarters. The team is currently working to secure a patent while still utilizing their skills for survey mapping. Research and Development has also been a large part of their time since graduating from the RAMP-in-Residence program.

They found their time at RAMP to be beneficial and highlight the community, connections, mentorship, and networking as the most beneficial areas for their company. As for the community aspect, they thought of everyone at RAMP as a family. Josh states that he, “always knew someone was fighting for you”. The company’s relationship with their mentor was also highly encouraging and helpful. Josh even accredits his mentor as the one to tell the team to “bootstrap” it and to not sell out. Josh told us that he still meets with the team’s mentor when possible and considers him to be a good friend.

Josh would advise those considering the RAMP-in-Residence program to, “be open-minded, [and] be one-hundred percent committed [on] good days and bad”. We agree that this is excellent advice! Do you want to learn more about RAMP-in-Residence? Check out our apply page to learn more about the program!

About the Company

Autonomous Flight Technologies, Inc. (AFT) focuses on the advancement of small commercial aircraft related to the UAV/UAS industry. AFT, led by Josh May, is licensed to use drones for commercial purposes.

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