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RAMP UPdate: Skyphos Industries

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

We are excited to catch up with Elliot McAllister this week, CEO/CTO of Skyphos Industries. Elliot was the self-proclaimed extroverted engineer of our 2018 cohort and brought life to the RAMP office with the steady streams of 70’s rock anthems emitting from his team room. Elliot’s 3D printing company is one of the most unique of its kind because he not only prints Lab-on-a-Chip (LOAC) products but builds the custom micro 3D printers that he uses not only for his daily operations but for his clients as well. Like Ed Champion before him, Elliot moved his entire operation to the Gill Memorial building in order to make the most of his time in the RAMP-in-Residence program and commuted from the NRV.

Since graduating from the program in January of this year his focus has been on customer development as well as creating a machine with the capability to print larger materials, his goal being the ability to print materials of any size specification for his clients. Success for Skyphos at this stage would be generating a customer base and bringing in enough revenue to purchase a home for the company.

As for his time in RAMP-in-Residence, Elliot believes that the program itself was largely beneficial to his company, along with the free space, and access to mentorship. As he transitions away from the atmosphere of the program, his biggest challenge will be leaving behind the interactions and conversations that occurred organically during his time in RAMP-in-Residence.

Elliot’s advice to those considering the RAMP-in-Residence program – put in the time. Like many other cohort members, he understands that in the end, you get out what you put in. He would also advise future applicants to see the program beyond just the funding aspect. Glean all that you can.

About the Company

Skyphos specializes in micro-SLA (uSLA) 3D printer services for microfluidics. It allows researchers to print chips on demand, outside of a cleanroom, by-passing months of development time and hundreds of thousands of dollars per device. Skyphos works with all drawing platforms and is the only 3D printer developed specifically for microfluidics. For more information, please visit:

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