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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

This week we had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Anne Brown from DESA, a member of our inaugural cohort from 2017. DESA has stayed involved, when able, since graduating from the RAMP-in-Residence program. Most recently, Anne attended the 2019 TomTom festival with RAMP director Mary Miller, and Sarah Snider our 2018 cohort member from BEAM Diagnostics. Anne shared with us a bit about what DESA is currently exploring and how the residential program impacted the company.

Since graduating from RAMP-in-Residence, DESA secured office space in south Roanoke. They have continued work to expand their app and are currently piloting a study to assess dementia. Success comes with its challenges too. Anne says that the biggest challenges faced by the company since graduating from the program are the lack of free office space and the deficit of day-to-day interaction with their fellow cohort members and office mates.

She accredits those interactions as a beneficial part of DESA’s RAMP-in-Residence experience but believes that the most beneficial piece was the mentorship that they received. Through DESA’s mentor, they were able to make connections with individuals that otherwise they would never have met without the help of RAMP. She also notes that their mentor was incredibly dedicated to their success both professionally and personally. The team does still meet with their mentor on occasion. Anne shares that their meetings are not as often in-person as they were during their time in the program, but they do keep their mentor updated on their progress and know that they can reach out whenever needed.

Anne has some words of encouragement for those who would consider applying to RAMP-in-Residence, “don’t be afraid to step out and be engaged”. She would also urge entrepreneurs not to let the fear of failure hold them back because she understands that you can’t be successful if you never go for it.

About the Company

DESA is a health care analytics and Telehealth company led by Jonathan Briganti, Dr. Anne Brown, Brian Elliott and David Trinkle, MD. They are developing a way for assessments, that are normally done inside a doctor’s office, to be done remotely on a digital medium in order to add data and communication for doctors and physicians to better support the diagnosis of health issues such as dementia, depression, anxiety, etc.

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