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RAMP UPdate: Volatia

Baraka and his team, of our inaugural cohort, were certainly one of the largest cohort members to operate out of the Gill Memorial building during their RAMP-in-Residence tenure. Their presence was enjoyed while in the building and missed upon their exit, but we were excited to see what would become of our language company. Now, two years after the beginning of their RAMP-in-Residence journey, we are checking back in to see what Baraka and the Volatia team are currently working on and how their time in the program directly impacted their organization.

It has been nearly a year and a half since Volatia graduated from the RAMP-in-Residence program. Since then they have been continuing to work on their software platform. Their ongoing goal is to allow other language/interpretation companies to utilize their platform in order to expand both organizations translating networks. Baraka shared that the time spent in the RAMP-in-Residence program allowed Volatia to focus on developing their software platform which was highly beneficial for the growth of the company.  The mentorship was also a large part of Volatia’s RAMP-in-Residence experience and Baraka shared that they continue to meet quarterly with their mentor when possible out of a mutual desire to stay connected.

For those considering the RAMP-in-Residence program for their STEM-H startup, Baraka shares that it is a great economic booster. Time in the residential program does afford companies various opportunities for press coverage and connections with investors. These benefits continue after time in the program has ended if companies continue to stay connected.

About the Company

Volatia is a full-service language service company, providing on-site, over the telephone, and remote video interpretation and translation services in more than 280 languages. Volatia is led by Baraka Kasongo, recently recognized with the Regional Entrepreneur award at RBTC’s TechNite.

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